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digital photo collage, 4 diptychons (8 pictures)
8 pictures, height  120 cm, width 90 cm

“Yes, divine is the being of the child, so long as it has not been dipped in the chameleon colors of men.The child is wholly what it is, and that is why it is so beautiful. The pressure of Law and Fate touches it not; only in the child is freedom.In the child is peace; it has not yet come at odds with itself.”
Friedrich Hölderlin, “Hyperíon”

Beneath the sugar coated cover of a hyper-realistic pop-culture reality the ghosts of our past are sleeping. They are the ghosts of our unresolved german-polish history.
This series of photographs utilizes the kitsch of the hand-coloured photoworks of the past to portrait the second and third generation of German-Polish people. People born after the war, people who have tried to forgive, forget and even to reconcile. It shows the evolution of their coping with the past and puts it in contrast with the light-hearted existence of early childhood days.
The fatality of the situation lies in its final consequence: those children will one day be confronted with their history. A history of unresolved business…

“How can one create a memory for the human animal? If something is to stay in memory it must be burned in: only that which never ceases to hurt stays in the memory.
Friedrich Nietzsche, “Zur Genealogie der Moral“ 

Children's Room
The Roots
The same skies...
No title/Tafting
No title/screen printing

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